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End-Of-Life Preparation for the Physician in Retirement (Free)

October 22, 2019
Waltham Woods Conference Center
Massachusetts Medical Society, 860 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451-1411 
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This event is sponsored by the Committee on Senior Physicians , for collegial sharing of ideas and experiences while supporting one other.
What can physicians do to prepare for this difficult topic of end-of-life care for themselves and their families? Be well informed so that you and your loved ones can set up advanced planning that consider wishes, with an awareness of end-of-life care options.

The presenters will provide valuable insights, expert tips, and resources on:
  • medical conditions that involve end-of-life treatment

  • end-of-life care options (e.g. palliative vs hospice) and insurance

  • Massachusetts law and MMS position about medical aid in dying

  • legal and ethical rights and challenges for patients, families and health care providers

  • end-of-life care decision-making process with loved ones and family members
We welcome MMS members who are:
• considering retirement to learn, plan and share
• retired to learn as well as share their experiences
Your spouse, partner or guest is also welcomed.
Registration Fee: Free. A light meal will be served.
Questions? Please email or call (781) 434-7312 

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Waltham Woods Conference Center

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